Working towards your success

Corporate Client


Infographic to showcase the success of the business

Worked to conceptualize and execute designs for the Sales and Account Management teams to present to existing/potential clients.

  • Client: Corporate Client
  • Role: Design Team Lead
  • Year: 2013

Fundraising Event

Event Map

Map to help navigate the event

This was an opprutunity to work with an amazing group of people to raise money for two ill chilldren and get them the treatment they need.

  • Client: Wonderland Of Wishes
  • Role: Illustration, Web Design
  • Year: 2012

AIGA Fellow Award Site

Website to showcase the award winners work and bio

AIGA Fellow Award Site

As an AIGA Fellow committee member I volunteered to design and code the AIGA Fellow award site to showcase the award winners work and bio.

  • Client: AIGA
  • Role: Web designer
  • Year: 2010

American Heart Association Heart Ball

Save the Date, Invite, and Thank Yous for event

American Heart Association Heart Ball Invite

Designed all the invite peices for the event in Jersey City.

  • Client: American Heart Association
  • Role: Ilustration, Design
  • Year:2010

Wedding Invitations


Wedding Invitations

These are a series of wedding invititations.

  • Client: Brides
  • Role:Illustration, Design
  • Year: 2010-2012

Marine Biologist Stationary

Business card, letterhead and envelope

Marine Biologist Stationary

This was designed using the actual images from the marine biologist's research. She studued squid which inspired the design.

  • Client: Marine Biologist
  • Role: Illustration, Design
  • Year: 2011


Logo Design

Perfumology Logo

The client was looking for a simple clean logo for the new perfume store they were opening. They specialize in understanding the history and science behind their products and that is communicated through the use of the ancient Egyptian symbol of the Lotus flower.

  • Client:Perfumology Logo
  • Role: Designer
  • Year: 2013

Otis Elevator

Training Material

Otis Elevator

OtisLine is the customer service department in Otis elevator and this project was the redesign of all of their training material. Their old material was pages of text in a Word doc and I saw this as a great opportunity to design something that would encourage learning in the training process.

  • Client: OTISLINE
  • Role: Organizer, Designer, Editor
  • Year: 2011

First Class Remodeling

Website Design, Coding, and Managaing

First Class Remodeling Website

  • Client:First Class Remodeling
  • Role: Designer, HTML coder
  • Year: 2012-ongoing

Caroline's Custom Gift Ideas

Website Design, Coding, and Managing

Caroline's Custom Gift Ideas

  • Client: Carolone's Custom Gift Ideas
  • Role:Designer, HTML coder
  • Year: 2011

Fun Projects For Me

Just Because

Fun Projects For Me

  • Client:Me
  • Role: Designer
  • Year: ongoing




  • Client: Me
  • Role:Illustrator
  • Year: ongoing

who does she think she is?

My name is Stacey Newcomb and I am a graphic designer in the Greater Philadelphia area. I spend my time researching ideas and exploring design concepts to help my clients be successful. I learn something new about myself with every project.
I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by motivational, hardworking people who have taught me that hardwork can give you the world as long as you want it enough. All my knowledge on motivation and inspriation is from watching the people I've encountered on my journey, and I am thankful for every minute of it.

move it or lose it

Everyone has dreams in life, but only a small number of people pursue them.
There is no doubting that the journey to your dream is a tough one, but it is also an exciting one. There are things you learn a long the way that help you grow and these aren't things worth missing. The people you encounter, the knowledge you gain, the strengthening of your creativity, why miss out on this?
There will be bumps in the road, the best part about those bumps is figuring out how to get over them and using that knowledge in the future.

what are you lookin at?

Concept is very important in the design process, without it your design is just some images on a page. In my designs I work very hard to research the topic and build a concept.
The most important tool I use with my work is other people. Criticism is the only way you can learn, not everyone thinks like you so you need different perspectives to send the correct message.

help me help you

Here are just a few services I specialize in:

  • brochures / flyers / postcards / signs / posters
  • letterheads / business cards / envelopes / invoices
  • training material / books / magazine / newspaper layout
  • brand / identity development
  • invitations
  • commercial websites